GOD Wants You Rich – Book Review

By: Scot Anderson (2009)

ISBN 978-0-7684-2745-5

Book Price: $24.24

150 Millionaires

As a cutting-edge entrepreneur, best-selling author, and dynamic speaker, Scot T. Anderson has cultivated an extensive following among the most highly-respected and influential business leaders worldwide (endorsed by Robert Kiyosaki, Larry Winget, & Les Brown). As a pastor, he has developed 150 millionaires in his church.

So many more rich ideas

Scot Anderson has provided fifteen chapters to express the will of God for us to be rich. He covers, the purpose of money (Ch. 3), what you expect you always get! (Ch. 6), Jesus wasn’t poor (Ch. 10), one change will produce wealth (Ch. 12), the power of belief (Ch. 14), habits control your world (Ch. 15), and so many more rich ideas!

Thinking and living the rich life

Scot Anderson comes highly recommended; Les Brown says of Scot, “Just ask more than 150 members of Scot’s congregation how they happened to become millionaires after Scot introduced them to new ideas and wealth-creation strategies.” Scot’s style is informative and expressive as he endeavors to introduce many to wealthy living.

Anderson focuses on freedom presented in biblical truth to persuade readers. He explains, “… the Bible isn’t about the don’ts, but about the dos, not what we can’t do and have, but about what we can do and what we can have.”

Using simple illustrations, Scot diffuses false ideas about wealth. He shares, “Money is not evil! A hundred dollar bill has no power. I have one in my wallet right now, and if left alone, it would never do anything-good or evil… Do your own test: take some money and leave it alone in a drawer for a month. Then write down all the evil it did.”

Scot is stern in addressing pertinent issues. He pointedly advises, “As long as you think it is wrong to have money, you won’t. Until you can break that one thought, you will never be able to step into the abundance that God wants… “

Mr. Anderson uses points from Jesus’ life to impress his message on reader’s hearts. He shares, “1. Jesus was born in the royal line of David… 5. The Magi brought expensive gifts… gold, frankincense, and myrrh… 8. The disciples were successful businessmen… If Jesus was really poor, successful men would never have followed Him… “

God wants us all to be rich!

Scot Anderson has successfully revealed the desire of God for all humanity; God wants us all to be rich!