What Is the Best Definition of a Wealth Creator?

One of the most important personal traits of a wealth creator is that they have integrity, in other words, their words and their actions go hand-in-hand. It is because of this personal trait that they can always be trusted and are trustworthy.

Unfortunately, most people say one thing and do another, that is, their words are not backed up by their actions. It is, therefore, understandable why most people are not creators of wealth. You cannot be a creator of wealth unless you have integrity.

Secondly, their relationships are built on trust and respect and therefore, their relationships are positive, good and long-lasting. This makes perfect sense, as any relationships that lack trust and respect, simply cannot last.

Thirdly, creators of wealth lead solid, stable and progressive lives. They are not living grand, high-flying lives one day, and then down-and-out on the streets the next. The main reason for this, is that wealth creators do not take risks and therefore, do not put themselves in situations where they stand the chance of losing everything.

This goes against the popular conventional belief that the higher the risk, the higher the reward. People who believe this to be true, are not creators of wealth and if they believe this to be true and are wealthy because of taking high risks, they can then be considered, to be gamblers.

Gamblers do stand a chance of becoming wealthy, however, they also stand the chance of losing all of their wealth.

Creators of wealth, on the other hand, grow their wealth.

Fourthly, creators of wealth do not create their wealth by chance, by fortune, or by luck. They each have a formula for building wealth and they simply, steadfastly, stick to the formula. Creators of wealth grow their wealth by following a successful formula that consistently provides positive results; it can, therefore, be said that wealth creators are results-driven people, that is, that they are only interested in the results.

My next point, is that wealth creators know how to build an investment or business. They have taken the time and effort to invest in themselves, so that they have the necessary knowledge and skills, in order to build a business or investment.

Lastly, wealth creators have the ability to make their money work for them – they do not have to work for their money. This is another reason, why most people aren’t wealth creators, as most people are only able to work for their money and are unable to make their money work for them.

How to Create and Sustain Wealth

The process of wealth creation, though not so easy, is quite simple. Anyone who simply follows the basic principles of wealth creation shall surely become wealthy.

There are four basic principles for creating and sustaining wealth. These are:

I. Giving ii. Saving iii. Investing iv. Spending wisely

It is very important that we teach our children these principles of wealth creation and sustenance. If our children start practicing them now, they will become wealthy early enough and will be able to pass those wealth creating habits onto their own offspring as well.

Any time we (or our children) get money, the first thing we must do is to give at least ten per cent of the money away. Christians call this tithe, but it is not only Christians who give a minimum of ten per cent from whatever money they get. Muslims also give Zakat while others give directly to the needy or to charity.

All creations from God must give in order to be blessed. When we give, we get great blessings. It is therefore safe to say that when we give, we give for our own sake because the word of God in the bible says,

‘Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap… (Luke 6:38)

Some people think that what they have is so little and they cannot take out of it. Some even think they are too poor to give; this is not true. In fact, the less you have, the more you need to give. Why? This is because the poorer a person is, the more the person needs blessing and blessing comes from giving.

It’s not only money that we give onto God. You can also give your time and talent in taking care of the needy. For example you can volunteer your time, talent or energy to help in a charity home. God want us to love and help people. When we take our ten per cent to our places of worship, we are giving it to God. However, God does not come down physically to take the money but His people in our places of worship (pastors, ministers, missionaries, evangelists, etc.) work to carry out God’s plan here on earth. They use the money to take care of the needy and to teach people about God’s fantastic message. They spread the word of God.

God gives us life, talents and time so that we can give our time, energy and talents to help people. For example, if you know how to draw, you can give by making posters or drawing to decorate the walls in orphanages or charity homes. Such pictures can also be given to sick children in hospitals in order to cheer them up.

How can you use your energy? You can help old people to run errands or do chores. You can also help to clean up your place of worship on Saturday when you don’t go to school.

So there, start giving and start building your wealth (smile) Let me stop here until next time when we continue to talk about the principles of wealth creation. To Your Enduring Wealth!

Seven Secrets to Wealth Creation

Wealth creation is not a matter of luck it is the result of applying an appropriate strategy. Here are seven wealth building secrets that can help you put together your own winning strategy to increase YOUR personal wealth.

Secret 1: Have a Strong Reason To Become Wealthy

You need a stronger motivator than the money. What is the real benefit that you will receive from becoming wealthy? How will your life change for the better? Unless you have an emotionally strong reason to become wealthy, you are unlikely to do what it takes.

Remember that mediocrity in the western world is a pretty good lifestyle and it’s easy to achieve. You need some special potential benefit to get you to go the extra mile and achieve wealth.

Secret 2: Find a Strong Market Place

Your wealth has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is called the marketplace. What marketplace are you targeting?

It is important that you choose a marketplace that is strong enough and healthy enough to provide you with all the opportunity you need in order to reach your financial goals.

Secret 3: Have a Strong Vehicle

How are you going to tap into that strong marketplace? You need to have a vehicle that has the potential for providing the results you seek. The vehicle needs to be strong enough that it will do the job you are asking of it, both now and for a reasonable time into the future, regardless of how the market is changing.

Secret 4: Develop or Hire Strong Knowledge

Applied knowledge is power. If you are going to take your vehicle to the heights it needs to achieve in order to provide you with wealth, then you must have the knowledge of how to do that. Some knowledge you need to have yourself and other knowledge you can hire in the form of employees or outsourcing.

What knowledge do you need to add to your knowledge bank and where are you going to get it?

Secret 5: Develop and Tap Into a Strong Network

Nobody gets rich on their own. You need a strong network of contacts, each of whom will play their role in your journey to riches.

Your will need a network of people to help you stay on track. A network to brainstorm with. A network to help you market your vehicle. What is your current network like? Do you have good relationships with all the people who can help you achieve your goals? If not where are you going to find them and how are you going to recruit them into your network?

Secret 6: Have a Strong Risk Management Strategy

The self-made rich don’t avoid risk, like the average person does; they find ways to manage risk. When you know why you are becoming wealthy, and you have the right market place and the right vehicle, make sure you also have a strong risk management plan to keep it all on track.

Secret 7: Have a Strong Commitment to Your Success

The last secret, and the most important behind knowing why, is to have a strong commitment to succeeding. Your commitment has to be unshakable. You are highly likely to meet with obstacles along the way and some of them may be very challenging. The thing that will get you over, around, or through those obstacles is a strong, unwavering commitment to achieving your goals.

Now that you have the seven secrets it is up to you to assess how you stand currently on each one, and then to do whatever it takes to bring yourself up to speed so that you will enjoy the fruits of your own wealth creation.